At the Crossroads of Kansas... United States... North America

The Kansas Logistics Park is centrally located in the nation and provides access to abundant resources within a 500-mile radius.

Newton, Kansas is a unique community with the ability to provide manufacturers space to grow. It is geographically positioned to provide unrivalled access to a wide range of transportation avenues.  The community, along with a strong group of partners, has leveraged these assets to create the Kansas Logistics Park. The park provides manufacturers with a distinct competitive advantage when distributing its products to the world from the midwest and the high plains. The goal of the park is to facilitate growth in:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

We provide a valuable resource in the storage and transportation of manufactured products and commodities such as liquid natural gas, petroleum, and agricultural products.

The Kansas Logistics Park Ranks #1 in TranSystems Centroidal Analysis

TranSystems completed a study in 2011 to determine the Kansas Logistics Park’s potential to support industry development.  A model was developed using a “centroidal analysis” meaning a number of key factors were identified and weighted in importance. The Kansas Logistics Park ranked number one when evaluated with comparable sites in terms of single site locations, dual site locations and supplier locations near OEM’s.

The factors include:

  • Proximity to wind resources
  • Wind power capacity
  • Proximity to market/supply
  • Access to intermodal transportation infrastructure
  • Workforce
  • Real estate costs
  • Federal, state & local incentives

Please refer to the TranSystems study for more details.  Although this study was focused on wind energy, it provides an overview of just how ideally located the Park is. 



500-Mile Service Area Radius Bubble